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Next BOM Meeting by Zoom
Jan 8, 2022 10am

Oregon SAR Annual Meeting of April 10, 2021

The Oregon SAR Annual Membership met electronically by Zoom video conferencing at 10:30.

Election of officers took place at the membership meeting. A ballot was mailed to all members and returned by April 9, 2021. There were 41 ballots returned and the slate of nominees were approved. There were no additional nominations from the floor.

The 2021/2022 Oregon Society Sons of the American Revolution officers are:
President- Michael Tieman
Secretary/Treasurer - John Berg
Registrar - Rob Greene
Chaplain - Eugene Foley
National Trustee - Rob Greene and Alternate Trustee - Ken Roberts

The Oregon Society awarded three medals:

                                                         State Medal of Distinguished Service
                                                         Compatriot Jim Martin

                                                         The State President may present one medal during his term at the 
                                                         Society’s Annual Meeting to a Compatriot in recognition for that
                                                         Compatriot's conspicuous service to the State Society President
                                                         during his administration.

                                              Several years ago, the President of the Southern Oregon Chapter resigned due to health and Compatriot Martin took his place. The chapter was having a problem with membership and participation. For several years now, Jim was all of the officers of the chapter. Last year the chapter was down to 6 members, less than the 8 required by National, but instead of closing the chapter, Jim worked tirelessly to rebuild it. This year the Southern Oregon chapter by his efforts alone, has grown to 10 members and there are four membership applications being worked on.

                                                          State Meritorious Service Medal
                                                          Compatriot Robie Greene

                                                          The State Meritorious Service Medal may be awarded to SAR
                                                          members who have rendered faithful and meritorious service to
                                                          their state society.

                                                          Compatriot Greene's first experience at the State Society was as a
                                                          chapter trustee several years ago. As the Oregon SAR needed
volunteers for the Auditing Committee, Bylaws Committee, America 250th Anniversary National Committee, Social Media Committee and the State Registrar officer, Rob was there. Again this year he has stepped up and taken on all of those duties again.

                                          Patriot Medal
                                                        Compatriot Dave Witter Jr.

                                                        The Patriot Medal is the highest award presented to a Compatriot
                                                        by a State Society that recognizes outstanding, and distinguished
                                                        service at the chapter level. The Patriot Medal is awarded only by a
                                                        State Society.

                                                        Compatriot Witter stepped into the position of Chapter Registrar
when it became vacant midterm. With his tenacity and enthusiasm Dave not only added 19 new members to the Lewis & Clark Chapter last year and worked on over forty, but he also reworked how the chapter registrar makes contact and works with new prospects. He then has shared this procedure and has worked with and trained other chapter registrars as well. Since he had nothing else to do with his spare time, he took on the position of Treasurer for the Oregon Revolutionary War Memorial and is a member of their steering committee.

Over the years the Oregon Society has published a quarterly newsletter the "Oregon Compatriot".

Due to rising costs to print and mail the newsletter and the news in it being out of date when published, we have changed the format and distribution of the "Oregon Compatriot" to an e-newsletter. Click on the image below to connect.